Untold History on Blu-ray!

Today’s my big day. “The Untold History of the United States,” 5 years old and 12 hours big, is born to Amazon, Costco, Target, Walmart, and many other mothers.

I’m done. I appreciate the minds open enough to watch it. Many critics didn’t bother to look at the whole thing—which makes this exercise rather difficult, but necessary. I see this long term—patience required. But those who take the view that this is conspiracy-oriented, personalized history, please look again… Even in the JFK chapter there is no debate over assassination. The truly big picture is what counts. And whether he was assassinated or not by a conspiracy, we must admit there was a significant shift in the direction the United States took under Lyndon Johnson, and that is what counts.

And those who think Peter Kuznick and I soft on Stalin or Soviets, do take another look at chapter 4—and now prologue B. Perhaps if this prologue chapter had been there in the first place, we would've been subjected to less calumny from those who called us Soviet propagandists. That’s an easy way to dismiss something that needs significant revision. Peter and I are not making this up. We’re following in the tradition of a very serious school of American historical revisionist writing on the Cold War.

But beyond the Cold War and Kennedy, this series is truly about an America I once deeply loved, from 1900 to 2013 today--the Age of Terror we call it. How did we get here? Who are we? Why do we act the way we do?

Please hold the opinions. Just watch.

Think for yourself. A free-thinking society can only be a healthy one.

Thank you.


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