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Talk Radio

Release date: 1988
Type: Film
Other crew: Written by: Stephen Singular (book "Talked To Death: The Life and Murder of Alan Berg"), Eric Bogosian (play creator) & Tad Savinar (play creator), Eric Bogosian (play), Eric Bogosian (screenplay)
Starring: Eric Bogosian, Ellen Greene and Leslie Hope


A rude, contemptuous talk show host who is both loved and hated by listeners learns his show is about to be broadcast nationally. Amidst his fear that network management will try to alter his show's content, he is overwhelmed by the hatred that surrounds his program and must cope with a neo-nazi group who have been angered by his forthright opinions.

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Movie Trailer 1988 Talk Radio

Talk Radio (1988)

Written by Eric Bogosian & Oliver Stone; Based on the play by…